Lee’s Air Taxi was established in 1957 by Al Lee when he begin guiding hunters out of Tolsona Lake.  In 1959 he moved to a base near Lake Louise Junction.  In 1977, he was joined by son Jerry and together they expanded the flying business, operating 6 aircraft and incorperating another seaplane base back on Tolsona Lake.  Al continued in the guiding and flying business untill he retired at the age of 80.



Jerry Lee began his flying career at a very early age.  Al passed on his flying knowledge from the start and was there to keep things on the straight and level when the need arose.  Jerry has a lifetime of flying experience in the backcountry of Alaska as a transporter and air charter pilot, this, coupled with 30 years of contract work on research projects for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the National Park Service has produced a profound insight into the heart and soul of this great state.